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Nothing makes you,but yourself awakes you from your negative side.

Life is pool of ups and downs. Today you may wake on the low and tomorrow you realize that you are on the high.

But most people tend not to recognize this fact of life. Which is a constant. We keep leaving day and night. We always play the blind character. In movie of a vibe game. And we end up being the villain because we were not able to get the girl we fancied. So the same is true in this movie we call life. The moment you sit back in your plastic chair and say that you are always a looser. You will be building nothing but a monarch of failure. Because you will be ruining your own life. And creating a path to disappointments.

Remember nothing makes you, but yourself awakes you from your negative side. The moment you understand this, then life will be like a street full of lights. Where you can clearly see ahead of where you are going. And it will be a nice feeling to see you creating yourself a clean yard of success. Don’t accept negativity to engulf your mind. Be like a sword of a determined fighter. Once it is pushed into fresh it never turns back until it completes the mission. Be the engine of your soul and you will see how easy things are on your side.

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