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Life is a war zone try as much as you can to conquer

Life is a battle field, for we are always at war in whatever we do. And achieving it needs a great worrior,if you are weak, the enemies will take over. Right from your date of birth, you fight that war of getting out of your mothers womb and you throw yourself down the carpet or whatever the case you may fall on.This is just an introduction to the world you have entered. It is not a high way to a school of fish to grab yourself a table of soup. You have to up your socks gather strength and sharpen the spear to fight the enemy we all call failure. In this war zone we are fighting the enemy called failure and our battle field is success. So to win this you have to be the captain of your mind but with the other people surrounding you as your loyal soldiers to you help win the lottery we have set for ourselves. Never sit down and relax, life is a journey of fights and only good fighters take home the belt of success.

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