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Viral Motivations , we are thrilled to deliver fresh contents to our site users every time. With sharing all kinds of quotes, we help million people to motivate their attitude and make them achieve success.

We are specialized in sharing motivational, inspirational quotes, life and love quotes and funny quotes that put smiles on 😁 our readers face.

We understand that life can never be the same all the time that is why we strive to collect best quotes from successful people, celebrity and many famous people, and bring them to you for sharing and viral Motivations will post videos that will train you how to be successful.




Ceo/ founder.

Founder of Viral Motivations Uganda

BAhati Walker 


BAhati Walker is born Walwasa Abdur Rithiwanu in Eastern Uganda Bugiri district on 5th of April 1998. Being so much in hardship times, interacting with social leaders and religious leaders, made me think of starting something in my life. Even though I had very many challenges like anyone out there, I became my own life coach by analysing what, why and how.

I have solved and counseled several people with problems in mental, relationship, business guides, career guidance at as early as  17 years of age while at school where I obtained a certificate of being a legal advisor.

I believe with my effective communication skills, I can help you become what you want to be by just coaching you what, why and how as those three words are the most used ones when we get into trouble or when we feel very excited.


I grew up with my grandmother who used to narrate to me motivational and inspirational stories which motivated me to start life coaching for my friends, families and relatives and to the whole world. It is not what you think is impossible to you that it’s is how everyone feels about it, everything is possible if we believe and love what we do.


Because I am now serving several people with the same or unique challenges in life, I have managed to develop a platform where you can find all my podcasts, video content and all articles you need to become a self- coach of your life. You can find me on Facebook, and Instagram and on YouTube in the Same name and of the same services.

My life story is very long to discuss in text but booking me or requesting for a quote is very essential if you want to know everything about me. However, soon I will publish an eBook about my life story just continue reading my blogs and visiting my website for updates.

What I can do for you.


I understand, we can’t escape challenges in life and in all ways, you will need a life coach, counselor or mentor in your life one time, I am dedicated to serve you better in solving your challenges both online and offline at your convenient time frame, I and my team, we try to create video content that showcases challenges we always face in life and through watching them, I believe you change your thinking and that is all my day and night role.


My community.


Though other members may not be too popular, but as team BAhati Walker, we work together to create what exactly is happening at a particular time in someone’s life, my community is too big starting from support team, sponsors, die-hards, marketers, freelancer and media representatives, workmate and many more but what differentiates me and my team is realistic and optimistic about what you need to be given at a particular time and I promise my team in my absence Will inform me as early as possible about you and I give feedback as soon as possible so there’s no worry for waiting list.